Master Plan for Sulaibikhat Bay, Kuwait

Client: Kuwait Municipality

Region: International

Sector: Public Sector

Project Type: Ideas, Plans, Actions

Team Members:

Gulf Consult
Green Plains Consultants
Colliers International
MCa Associates

The development of the Sulaibikhat Bay and Kuwait Bay coastlines is intended to protect areas of natural and cultural significance; allow public access through the provision of recreation, leisure and touristic land uses; and, create opportunities for private sector investment.  As a first step, Kuwait Municipality commissioned MGP City Plan Ltd. and Gulf Consult to undertake the Master Plan for the Sulaibikhat Coastline Project.  This planning process has been carried out concurrent with the update of Kuwait Municipality’s national spatial plan, the Fourth Kuwait Master Plan (4KMP) and as directed by the Kuwait National Development Plan (KNDP).

The planning process fully investigates local trends and considers government policy and strategies for the future.  The findings are used to make decisions as to the appropriate location, scale, and composition of new development and the tools by which projects can be implemented, including consideration of timing, phasing and financing.  The organization of new land uses and the design character are being prepared in response to the Study Area’s natural and cultural features, Stakeholder’s expectations for planned activities, and the market conditions.