Madinat Al Hareer, Sabriya and Boubyan Island Master Plan, KUWAIT

Client: Kuwait Municipality

Region: International

Sector: Public Sector

Project Type: Ideas, Plans, Actions

Kuwait’s Northern Sub-Region is over 1,800 in size, representing about 10% of the country’s total land area.  The area’s most important asset is its hundreds of kilometres of coastline; an environment that supports diverse terrestrial and marine life and once accommodated Kuwait’s earliest inhabitants.

Today, new projects are bringing national attention to Kuwait’s northeastern region.  These include: construction of the Mubarak Al Kabeer Port on Boubyan Island; construction of Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah Causeway; planned alignment of the GCC Railway Network alignment; and, the designation of Protected Areas.

MGP City Plan led a planning process that culminated in the Physical Development Plan of the Northern Sub-Regional Area.  It consists of land use, phasing, and implementation strategies that together support an enormous amount of growth and development in a manner that protects and enhances natural areas and cultural sites.  At build out, 1 million residents are planned to reside in three settlements: Madinat Al Hareer, Sabriyah, and Boubyan Island Lakes.