Abdali and the Northern Gateway Master Plan, KUWAIT

Client: Kuwait Municipality

Region: International

Sector: Public Sector

Project Type: Ideas, Plans, Actions

Team Members:

Gulf Consult

Kuwait’s Northern Gateway area includes the main border crossing between Kuwait and Iraq. It also includes Kuwait’s northern oil fields, commercial agricultural operations, aquifers, and land used for low-intensity desert recreation and grazing.  The area will continue to serve as an important location for oil extraction and cross-border trade with Iraq.  Planned infrastructure improvements and active development proposals in Northern Kuwait shows the interest in its continued economic expansion.  Economic growth will create pressure for associated commercial and residential uses.

MGP City Plan led the planning process that culminated in the Development Plan for the Northern Gateway, a land use plan and implementation strategy that directs growth and development in northern Kuwait to the year 2030.  The Development Plan includes detailed designs for Abdali City, a new urban community of 50,000 people.