Hawally Traffic Management and Master Plan, KUWAIT

Client: Kuwait Municipality

Region: International

Sector: Public Sector

Project Type: Plans, Actions

MGP City Plan led the planning component of the Traffic Management and Updating Plan for Hawally, commissioned by Kuwait Municipality. Hawally is one of Kuwait’s most densely populated areas.  Widespread land use conversions and redevelopment with increased Floor Area Ratios (FARs) were a common phenomenon in the neighbourhood, but this increase in intensity of land use had not been matched by the expansion of the basic infrastructure of Hawally.  The neighbourhood required an updated land use plan that effectively responded to proposed traffic management strategies and planned transportation infrastructure investments.

MGP City Plan revised the local area plan for the Hawally area to guide future development to 2030.  The plan provides a strategy for accommodating the additional demand for new floor space and facilities closely linked to the development of transportation infrastructure.