Al Ain Industrial City Master Plan, UAE

Client: General Industrial Corporation

Region: International

Sector: Public Sector

Project Type: Ideas, Plans

MGP Team Lead: Lee Parsons

Team Members:

AECOM (Cansult)

As a member of a multidisciplinary consulting team, MGP City Plan assessed economic conditions and opportunities for the development of a 870 hectare Industrial City in Abu Dhabi. The resulting Master Plan allocates land for nine distinct industrial zones, including: a Main Centre, including administrative and government offices, police, fire and security, medical clinic, bus station, religious facilities and a retail complex; a Worker Housing Area including several forms of housing, religious facilities and recreational facilities; Local Centres to provide neighbourhood-level shopping; and, Service locations for reservoirs, electricity and fuel requirements.

MGP City Plan assessed growth in the domestic and international industrial markets; identified the locational attributes of the Industrial City site; determined the types of industry that could be attracted to the location; and, identified their spatial requirements and employment capacities. MGP City Plan contributed to the development of the detailed concept plan, illustrating the proposed road network, lotting, and a phasing of development.