Accra Economic Corridors Plan, GHANA

Client: Town and Country Planning Department, Ghana

Region: International

Sector: Public Sector

Project Type: Plans, Actions

Team Members:

LEA Associates South Asia
Space and Shelta Consultancy
ISSER, University of Ghana

The Kwame Nkrumah Circle-Nsawam and the CBD-Mallam-Kasoa Road Corridors are major roads that carry large volumes of traffic in and out of the City of Accra, Ghana. In addition to serving as transportation routes, they also function as important economic corridors.  Increased economic activity along the corridors have caused traffic issues which impact their roles as arterial roads.  This, in turn, is effecting regional connectivity and resulting in broader impacts on the City’s economy.

MGP City Plan lead a team of local and international professionals to develop an informed, effective, and integrated development plan for the corridors. The resulting plans provide site specific recommendations and offer implementable responses to known planning policy, approval process, land tenure, and enforcement challenges. Stakeholder engagement played a significant role in this assignment, from gaining an understanding of current conditions to the implementation of the resulting plans.